4 Best Ways to Keep Ticks Away From Your Home

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Ticks show no mercy during the summer and will attack if they are ready for a meal, no questions asked. They’ll jump on any person, pet, or animal that passes by, ready to enjoy a blood meal at that person’s expense. Ticks are dangerous since they carry many diseases and viruses they can transmit to humans and to our pets. Rather than risk your good health or that of animals, pets, or family members, take a look at four simple steps that help keep your property tick-free.

1.    Cut the Grass: Cut the grass ensuring that it has about a ΒΌ” height. This eliminates a tick’s hiking spots so there is less risk they’ll choose you or someone you know for their next meal. Plus, a well-manicured lawn looks great for curb appeal.

2.    Dress for the Season: Dressing for tick season usually requires you wear a hat, long-sleeved shirts, and pants. This helps prevent the risks of ticks jumping on and catching a meal from you. While some days may be hot, wearing long sleeves pays off at the end.

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3.    Eliminate Outdoor Clutter: Ticks love weeds and tall grass, but they’re also quite fond of woodpiles and other types of outdoor clutter. Any location that provides them with a hiding spot is A-Okay in the eyes of a tick. Keep clutter off your property and again, there’s fewer risks and worries.

4.    Tick Control Service: The ultimate tick solution comes from professionals. Hire experts to keep tick worries out of your mind. Utilize tick control services boulder and keep ticks away from your home all summer long.

Using the four strategies above can make your summer less stressful and more enjoyable. Who wants to worry about ticks when so much more excitement awaits? Be sure tick protection is a part of your summer plans.