Common Electrical Wiring Problems

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When the lights and electrical devices in your home begin flickering or acting strangely, you may want to get them inspected and fix the problem as soon as possible. It’s not recommended that you perform electrical fixes on your own unless you have training in dealing with electrical currents and devices, so many people call for professional assistance.

An electrician can take care of several issues you may have with your home’s electrical system, including loose connections, connections done using electrical tape, and multiple wires being held down by a single screw.

Loose Connections

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Loose connections are one of the most common problems found in homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States. It happens when frequently used outlets and switches loosen, causing buzzing noises or crackling when connecting devices or turning light fixtures on or off. A professional can come in and look at your wire connections, tightening any loose screws.

Electrical Tape Connections

A common error when connecting wires is to join them using electrical tape instead of a safe and sanctioned connecting device. When performing electrical wiring installation queensbury professionals use the proper connectors, ensuring that your home is kept as safe as possible. Any wire ends that are damaged will be cut and connected to a wire nut connector.

Multiple Wires in One Terminal

This problem can be identified by a professional and, without intervention, could lead to electrical problems and increase the risk of fires in the home. A single wire should be held in each screw terminal present on a switch or an outlet. If there is more than one, an electrician will need to remove the wires and place new ones.

Having an electrical problem in your home can cause a lot of worry, especially when you’re wondering how much it will cost to fix the issue at hand. Common electrical issues, such as loose connections, can be fixed easily be a licensed electrician near you.